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If it is digital and generates online conversions - We do it!

Why Us?

Rabak's unique business model: "charged only if your business earns more" We truly believe in our professional capabilities and therefore are willing to be get paid only if your digital platforms generate more profit for your organization. Most online agencies charge a monthly retainer or a percentage of the media budget which was spent. Rabak is different.

What to expect? Once you contact us, we will review your online activities. Our team will conduct a competitors and a market overview , examine your accounts, check its history and finally suggest a revenue benchmark - What is the bottom line of each media. Based on the agreed benchmark we will calculate Rabak's management fee. In case we didn't perform better you will not be charged.

Our Professional Team The team that will run your campaigns was picked for its competence. They are highly trained, well experienced and greatly motivated. Rabak business model applies here as well. A part of every dollar the client earns goes to the associate who runs the activity. >Read More<

At The Cockpit

Amit Peleg
Amit started his way at Compucall, an Israeli pioneer digital agency during 2007. He started as an account manager, but only two weeks later he became a team leader and 6 months later, he turned into the V.P clients of the agency. During 2010 Amit was part of the establishing team of Usearch , part of Mccann Ericson, the largest advertising house in Israel and after completing two and half years there, he moved to GO Internet Marketing as a V.P and a management member. Amit found Rabak at the beginning of 2015 and the agency keeps growing ever since.
Guy Shalem
Guy started working in the digital sphere during 1999. He discovered the SEO nine years ago and quickly got promoted to become the head of SEO / ASO. He worked in the leading digital agencies in Israel: Easynet (Sepria), GO and Moburst. Guy is full of passion to the digital marketing with an impressive track record in organic search. He worked with a variety of clients both locally and internationally, allowing him to understand what it takes to build successful online business.


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