Brand Reputation Management

Most people run a search for a company’s brand name or for its executive’s names before a business meeting.
In many cases an executive or the brand name has negative results on their first SERP (search engine result page).
Our team will work to promote your owned positive results, in order to improve your brand’s reputation and “clean” the page.

Today anybody can write and share his opinions or experience about almost everything.
Brands and executives find themselves exposed to legitimate or non-legitimate negative inputs. The potential economic damage is priceless.

Brand Reputation Management project usually can be completed in six months.
It involves with

  • Optimizing major social profiles such as:
    Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr ,Facebook and Google plus
  • Optimizing press releases
  • Optimizing company’s vendor’s related pages (such as HR recruiting firms)
  • Offsite optimization for positive news articles
  • Optimizing Wikipedia relevant pages
  • Optimizing the content on review sites

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