Paid Search

This paid search is one of the most efficient media mediums.

When somebody uses a search engine and triggers a search, he or she actually share their needs with us.
If we have the right answer to their need, the right product or the right service, we are half way to have a new client.
The pay per click model enables us to pay only for relevant traffic that actually clicked on our ads.
However, we are more interested in the cost of the desirable action (CPA). The cost per lead, the cost per sale or any other action that we consider as a conversion such as newsletter signup, a white paper download, an app download, a video view and so forth.

The paid search funnel consist of: The keyword which triggers an ad. A click on the ad is linked to a relevant desirable landing page.
Once the visitor completed the desirable action (a conversion), he will be forwarded to a “thank you page” in which contains a conversion tracking code. This code enables us to know which keyword generate conversions and with what cost per conversion.

When running a paid search campaign we will do follow the following actions:

  1. Account Set up
    • Account settings
    • Keywords research
    • Campaigns Structure
    • Ads copy writing
    • Conversion Tracking Setup
  2. Ongoing Optimization
    • Keywords optimization
    • Bids management
    • Ads Optimization
    • A/B Testing

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