Social Advertising

The social ecosystem is booming. Social networks are now Indispensable way of communicating with our surroundings. With today’s internet accessibility and when smart -phones are widely used, it is not surprising that advertisers use those platforms to reach their target audience efficiently.

Regardless to any product, service or industry the social network enables us to accurately segment the audience and to convey the right message.

Social advertising is widely used to increase brand recognition, improved brand loyalty and to generate more conversions.

Rabak’s social team specialized in running social media campaign on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

When running a social advertising campaign we will do the following actions:

  1. Account Set up
    • Setting account structure
    • Ad design and content
    • Segmentation
    • Ad formats
    • Placements
  1. Advertising budget and schedule
    • Set a budget
    • Set ads schedule
  1. Ongoing Optimization
    • Run multiple adverts to optimize creative
    • Setting a bidding strategy

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