Display Advertising

Display advertising sells your product or service through visually appealing text as well as graphics, animation such as banners and video.
The display ads are placed on content websites and therefore, the big challenge is to make the ads relevant enough for the user to click and follow to the advertiser’s landing page or website.
In many cases the cost per direct action (last click conversion) is higher than of search and advertisers refrain from running display campaigns. Rather than attributing all of the display spend to the last view, we hold a multi-touch attribution approach that weight credit across several ad exposures.

In order to become relevant to the user we will do the following:

  • Contextual targeting – Target a content page based on its context. We will set the list of themes we wish to target.
  • Placement – Target a specific placement which its theme relevant to our target audience. This can be a specific website or even a specific URL.
  • Remarketing – target our past visitors and app users while they browse the web.
  • Incorporate A/B testing

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